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Safe Space App: A Customized Medical Experience Concept  

Safe Space is a dedicated area within a hospital where patients can converse with a medical advisor. It provides patients, who have been recently diagnosed, a chance to ask clarifying questions, advice, and emotional support, in a comfortable setting that doesn't feel like a hospital.


While patients are not in the Safe Space they can use the interactive data-driven Safe Space Web App to store and organize their specific information they receive from their medical providers and their Safe Space Advisor.



Project Details:

Project: 2 day Health Hackathon

Team: Caroline Brustowicz, Javiera                 Arenas, and Jiyeon Kang

University: Parsons School of Design

Year: 2016

The Problem and Context

After a major health diagnosis, patients are often overwhelmed and shocked to ask their doctor the questions they later wished they had.

A Solution: Safe Space App

Safe Space

Safe Space Web App

Safe Space Web App Prototype

Profiles have personalized tips and information based on specific needs. Individuals able to log their symptoms, which can be shared with their doctor at their next appointment. If desired, individuals can get involved in a community of people diagnosed with a similar prognosis. 

Safe Space Web App has tools such as an interactive dictionary of terms that were used in the conversations patients had with their Safe Space Medical Advisor that they may have missed or didn't want to ask for clarification. 

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