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Hand Embroidered Tie Design Development Project with Vietnamese Artisans

While working with Fashion4Freedom, I recognized an opportunity to design and manage an additional product line for the social enterprise, which would help open the global market to native Vietnamese tailoring artisans. I designed the patterns, inspired by the local culture, for hand embroidered ties and worked with the artisan on a daily basis during production.  

Many Artisans are incredibly skilled in their various craft. However, they lack the resources to enter the global market on their own.

Fashion4Freedom is a social enterprise that works directly with artisans. They involve artisans in the global market place and help preserve the artisan's disappearing crafts through high fashion products. 

Hand Embroidered Tie Process

Embroidery designs inspired by ubiquitous objects found in Vietnam.

Multiple prototypes and variations of the embroidery designs.

Sourcing the fabric that was available in Hue Vietnam.

Fabric swatches sourced to create the color palette for the ties.

A template created to aid the artisans in producing the tie embroideries. 

Though there was a language barrier, I worked directly with the artisans to ensure quality control and standards of the ties.

The artisans hand-stitch the embroidery designs. Each tie has roughly 30 embroideries. 

Final version of the embroideries created by the artisans; now ready to be fashioned into a tie.

Final Products
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