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Environmentally Conscious Organizer

Countertop Organizer Made from Recycled Bathroom Bottles 


A project that explores excessive waste and designing for small spaces. ECO is a concept product system that takes back used shampoo or conditioner bottles and repurposes that plastic into a bathroom counter-top organizer that allows the user to visually see all their products when it is open; and easily closes to create a tidy countertop. 

A mono material of post-consumer recycled HDPE, ECO helps reduce the High Density Polyethylene, which is most commonly used material for bathroom products, from sitting in the landfill.

Project Details:

Project: Design for Small Space 

University: Parsons School of Design 

Year: 2017

   Skills Utilized:

  • Design Research

  • Prototyping


  • Recycled Plastic

  • Laser Cutting 

  • CNC

  • Milling

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