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Paint Cycle

The Paint Can
Sustainably Redesigned

Paint Cycle

Cradle to Cradle Competition Entry​


Paint Cycle is a redesigned paint can that alters the life cycle of paint to create a closed loop system between the user, retailer, and manufacturer. Additionally, it eliminates disposable add-ons that users are purchasing for the current paint can design.

Project Details:

Project: Cradle to Cradle Product 

University: Parsons School of Design

Year: 2017

Company: Autodesk

Team: Caroline Brustowicz, Stephanie Cobo,

           Meltem Parlak, and George Plionis

  • Keyshot | 3D Rendering

  • Adobe Creative Suite

   Skills Utilized:

  • Rhino | 3D Modeling

  • 3D Printing | Makerbot

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